Introducing FantomCake: Cake on Fantom!

Talk of cake never sleeps these days. The beloved food has become synonymous with the cryptocurrency world — but if cake is the user’s crypto, like CZ famously said, it deserves to be on every chain.

That’s why we made FantomCake on Fantom, the leading L2 network. FantomCake is the first and only cake on Fantom that matters.

Why Fantom Opera?

We couldn’t help but notice Fantom is growing exceptionally fast. The numbers are staggering. At the time of writing, there is over $5.55 billion in value locked on the network, and it continues to grow parabolically. GEIST FINANCE on Fantom now boasts over $1.61B in value locked.

Fantom is now, by far, the leading layer-2 solution on Ethereum. It seems clear that many of the traders who migrated to Binance Chain (BSC) due to low fees will soon be coming to Fantom. Not only is Fantom just as fast as BSC and unbelievably cheap, but it’s also arguably more secure.

FantomCake aims to build the biggest community on Fantom/BSC. It is a meme token with a lot of utilities for its holders. It is also the first project on Fantom to offer Live(!) dealers, the hottest games, video poker, blackjack, everything under one roof…all powered by FantomCake.

tl;dr If you believe in Fantom, you better damn believe in FantomCake as well.


The total supply is 1,000,000 FantomCake. No more can be minted.

200,000.000 FATCAKE were sold on presale at a rate of (20 FATCAKE per 1 FTM)
105,000.000 FATCAKE were used for initial liquidity

Fatcake is soon publicly traded on Spirit

Useful Links

Fatcake Smart Contract on Fantom:



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Fantom Cake

Fantom Cake

FantomCake is a community-owned token that aims to build the biggest community on #FANTOM/#BSC 💳Casino ✈ Airdrops ⚡Instant 🎂Bridgeable